Medical Benefits & ACA


Here is more updated information about Mr. Obama’s ACA ruling for 2014:  The Obama administration has released final regulations on the ACA

At the November 2013 Executive Committee Meeting, Healthcare Navigator Frank Bloom gave a brief presentation about the ACA aka Obamacare.  Some of the points he made were:

  • The ACA will benefit adjuncts who fall below the  poverty level of $45,000 for individual and $96,000 for a family
  • There are different ways to apply.  One, the main website,; two, by phone; and three, by mail in application
  • Free preventative services include:  Cancer screening, abdominal Aortic aneurysm, blood pressure screening, colorectal cancer screening, type 2 diabetes screening, immunizations and vaccinations, and etc.
  • No longer can insurance companies deny based on a pre-existing condition and place a lifetime cap on your coverage.
  • Contact Frank Bloom at 847.494.5702 for more information.

You can find information about low-cost medical plans at this link: Medical Information

Below is a link to allow a person to calculate estimated cost of coverage on the exchange and whether they would qualify for Medicaid.


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