Adjuncts Spoke Out at Union Town Hall!

Last night’s standing room only Town Hall was electric! Representatives from CCCLOC, 1600, 1708, SEIU Local 73, and AFSCME Local 3506 SPOKE OUT on the need to halt program consolidation at City Colleges of Chicago, the need to rollback the new tuition schedule, the need for a fair contract for ‪#‎adjuncts‬, and many other issues. In attendance were Reps. Cynthia Soto, Robert Martwick, Will Guzzardi, Alder. Scott Waguespack, Nick Sposato, and John Arena to hear the voices of dozens of speakers concerned about the direction and misdirection of City Colleges.

Jesse Sharkey, CTU VP, gave a rousing speech calling for solidarity amongst Chicago educators in the name of providing education to the city’s students. Sharkey noted that what CCC calls “program consolidation” we call “program elimination!”

Some of the most effective speakers were the brave students who told their stories. As one student from Daley college said about the program consolidations/eliminations going on at CCC, “consolidation is discrimination.” Students should not lose access to programs like Childhood Development, Business, Computer Science, Health Sciences, and Auto Tech at their local colleges!

The night was an opportunity to UNITE the concerns of various unions at City Colleges and to share our concerns. Together, we pledged solidarity in the name of our students, for the sake of our jobs, and on behalf of the future of City Colleges of Chicago!


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