Faculty Votes No Confidence in Chancellor Hyman

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The unfortunate necessity to issue this resolution was supported by hundreds of faculty members across CCC’s seven campuses. Grievances include the Board’s refusal to share governing decisions with faculty, the consolidation of popular degree programs to single campuses, last year’s sudden tuition hike, and changes in registration. (A copy of the full resolution can be found below.)

CCCLOC would also add to that list City Colleges’ preemptive decision to end contract negotiations with adjuncts. CCCLOC has responded by taking action with the Illinois Labor Board with whom we have filed charges of failing to bargain in good faith on the part of CCC. We will continue to fight for our members!


At a time when the District Officers of the City Colleges of Chicago are proposing and implementing sweeping changes to our District and Colleges without any meaningful demonstration of concern for faculty, student, or community concerns; the Faculty Council of the City Colleges of Chicago (FC4), the representative body of all full-time faculty, supports a Declaration of No Confidence in the present Chancellor of the City Colleges of Chicago, Cheryl Hyman. Faculty Council seeks a Chancellor who is responsive to student and faculty concerns, demonstrates a commitment to the CCC mission, respects shared governance, and comes from an educational background.

Supportive Evidence

Whereas, the supporting evidence for this vote of no confidence has been articulated, documented and presented publicly at the CCC monthly Board meetings both during the Public Participation and in the FC4 President’s Board Reports. These concerns date back to June of 2015 with no discernible attempt to address faculty concerns from the Chancellor.

Whereas, FC4 has surveyed full-time faculty to rate their overall satisfaction with the current direction of the CCCs, of 471 respondents, 72.4% are dissatisfied.

The City Colleges of Chicago Chancellor, Cheryl Hyman has:

I. Ignored repeated and well-documented requests from numerous faculty members and FC4 to provide the data, including any cost-benefit analysis, consideration of impact to students and communities, or any other rationale behind:

  1. Program consolidations and
  2. Eliminating registration one (1) full week prior to classes starting.

Both of these actions limit student and community access to high-quality programs and violate the mission of the City Colleges of Chicago.

II. Ignored repeated requests to engage in meaningful dialog with faculty and students, including but not limited to the FC4 requests for a district-wide Town Hall Meeting.

III. Ignored repeated pleadings from students to re-consider significant tuition increases where part-time and international students are disproportionately impacted causing hardships.

IV. Eliminated the entire “Academic Affairs” department at District Office and failed to replace the position of Chief Academic Officer or Provost.

Be it so resolved that based on this well-documented evidence, The Faculty Council of the City Colleges of Chicago votes No Confidence in Chancellor Hyman’s ability to govern the City Colleges of Chicago.


The Tribune, Crain’s and WBEZ all picked up the story. Links Below:

“City Colleges Faculty Votes No Confidence in Chancellor” http://www.wbez.org/news/city-colleges-faculty-votes-no-confidence-chancellor-114713


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