CCCLOC Filing Labor Board Charges Today Against City Colleges

November 20, 2015:

Labor Board to Investigate City Colleges for Illegally Refusing to Bargain with CCCLOC

Following the massive rejection of City Colleges of Chicago’s “last, best” offer by 95% of CCCLOC voters, one would think the right thing for City Colleges to do would be to roll up their sleeves, return to the bargaining table, and work with CCCLOC to reach a fair agreement.

But then, that would require doing the right thing.

CCCLOC just recently has filed an Unfair Labor Practice charge (ULP) against City Colleges with the Illinois Education Labor Relations Board (IELRB) based on CCC’s ongoing refusal to bargain with the union. The ULP charges that, on at least three separate occasions, City Colleges has illegally refused to negotiate with the union. First, during the six weeks prior to its decision to suddenly drop a “last, best” offer on the union; secondly, during the period following its “last, best” offer on July 9,” and most recently, following CCCLOC members’ contract rejection vote on October 13.

The charge filed with the Illinois Education Labor Relations Board (IELRB) states that City Colleges has violated Section 14 (1) and (5) of the IL Education Labor Relations Act under which educational employers are prohibited from “refusing to bargain collectively in good faith with [the union]”… The charge also states that City Colleges has failed to provide relevant information that the union needs to effectively bargain for its members

Following the contract vote, CCCLOC President Ragsdell wrote letters on three separate occasions to City Colleges requesting that they resume negotiations. Ragsdell also informed CCC that the union wished to respond to the Colleges “last, best” offer – all to no avail.

The Labor Board will serve these charge on City Colleges immediately and then begin its investigation. In the meantime, CCCLOC will continue to pursue its organizing efforts to win a fair and just contract.

Loretta Ragsdell, CCCLOC President