**UPDATED: Voting Sites, Dates & Locations

Truman:                     Monday & Tuesday, Sept. 28th & 29th                 McKeon Bldg. Lobby                       

Olive Harvey:            Monday & Tuesday, Sept. 28th & 29th                 8AM -5 PM   Room 1108 D1

5PM – 8 PM  Foyer (West entrance)

Wright:                      Wednesday & Thursday, Sept. 30th & Oct 1st     Outside President’s Conf. room

Malcolm X:                Monday & Tuesday, Oct. 5th & 6th                       North side lobby b/ car & security

Harold Washington:  Monday & Tuesday, Oct. 5th & 6th                        Room 203 E

Daley:                         Wednesday & Thursday, Oct. 7th & 8th               1st Floor Administrative area

(Between 1110 d1 (Director of Security) and 1403 d2 (The Business Office))

Kennedy-King:         Wednesday & Thursday, Oct. 7th & 8th              Y Building. 1st Floor

IEA Office:                Friday, October 2nd, 10 AM – 5 PM                    230 W. Monroe, Ste. 2640, Chgo.

You may vote at any campus.

Voting times are 8 AM – 8 PM unless otherwise stated.

Voting will be done by secret ballot.

Room locations are to be determined.

No absentee ballots are permitted.

All CCCLOC members are eligible to vote. If you are not currently a member, you may sign-up at the voting site on day of vote.

Ballots will be counted on Tuesday, October 13th between 1 PM – 3 PM at the IEA office.


“Last Best Offer” from City Colleges to CCCLOC




“The CCCLOC bargaining committee wants to make it clear that it can and will NOT recommend acceptance of the City College’s “last, best” offer.  Under the District’s salary proposal, members will fall even further behind.  The CCCLOC bargaining team strongly encourages all CCCLOC members to reject this proposal.  City Colleges cannot put students first if it puts its teachers last.


Length of Contract: 7 years (including retroactive years 2012-2014).


  1. Salary Increase

2012:  1.0% (retroactive for employees employed on date of ratification)

2013:     1.0% (retroactive for employees employed on date of ratification)

2014:     1.5% (retroactive for employees employed on date of ratification)

2015:     2.25%

2016:     2.25%

2017:     2.5%

2018:     2.5%         Average increase of 1.85% per year over 7-year contract period.

  1. Compensation for work participating in Faculty Development Week: $370 for part-time faculty who have:
  • Taught in spring or summer semester(s) and scheduled to teach in Fall; and
  • Attend at least 2 sessions of Faculty Development Week
  1. Student Success Incentive: Up to 1% of combined earnings of unit members to be paid based on meeting up to 7 goals for student performance (would begin following FY 16 unless contract ratified by August 15, 2015.)
  1. Salary Step Progression (Pay increases for continued employment) To be frozen for current employees; eliminated for new employees.
  1. Elimination of MA +30 Lane (Lane 2): Employees now in Lane 2 will not receive pay raises until Lane 1 employees exceed their current salary.
  1. Lane 3 Expansion: PhD, or terminal degree (highest possible degree in the field) with 10 years of professional experience.
  1. Elimination of mandatory Ethics training pay
  1. Paid absences  Additional paid day of absence for those teaching 2 or more classes in one semester.


  1. Evaluations: Right to implement new evaluation policy — union allowed to make “sound, constructive suggestions.”
  2. Hard-to-Fill Pay: Right of District to reduce employee pay rate if “hard to fill” position loses such designation.
  3. Professional Development Fund: Establishment of $100,000 collective fund for reimbursement of professional development expenses. Annual maximum of $1,500 per person.
  4. Use of Campus Facilities: Response to Union request for campus rooms within 3 days.
  5. Adjunct Orientation: Union right to address orientation within first half of event.
  6. Credentials: Notification to Union of credential changes, and certain grandfathering rights for those whose credentials are no longer acceptable.
  7. Pay Disputes: Increased time to file grievance over paycheck dispute.
  8. Grievances: Shorter timelines for processing grievances.
  9. Tuition Waiver Bumps: Refund of fees if unit member is deleted from a tuition waiver class.
  10. Over-enrollment: Over-enrollment pay to be calculated on the 8th day of each semester.


Salary Increases Below Cost of Living

City Colleges’ proposed salary increases between years 2012-16 (5.75%) do not even keep up with the national Cost of Living increases (COLA) for those same 4 years (8.5%).

Falling further behind comparable community colleges

After telling the CCCLOC bargaining committee that it intended to offer a proposal that would make City Colleges competitive with other comparable community colleges, the District’s “last, best” offer would move City Colleges’ adjuncts even further behind other community colleges schools (see chart).

Freezing/eliminating the Salary Schedule

Because the District has proposed to freeze or eliminate the salary steps, most part-time faculty who have not reached the top of the pay scale will either lose money or receive no salary increase until they reach the top of the salary schedule.


Elimination of Lane 2

Under the District’s proposal to eliminate Lane 2 (MA + 30), the 124 CCCLOC members currently in Lane 2 will receive no salary increase at all between the next one to four years.

Retroactive increases lower than other CCC Unions

For 3 retroactive years 2012-15, the Colleges’ proposal to part-time faculty averages less than half of the increase negotiated with other City Colleges’ unions (averages of 2.2% in 2012; 2.5% in 2013; and 2.5% in 2014);


Slightly higher increases are back-loaded into the end of the contract, which means less money for unit members.

Takeaways: What City Colleges’ “Last, Best Offer” would take away from you:

o   Salary step increases to be frozen (current employees) or eliminated (new hires). This means a decrease in pay amounting to anywhere from 3.9% to 12%, depending on your position on the current scale.

o   Elimination of Lane 2 (MA +30), with annual pay freezes for 124 current Lane 2 members;

o   Elimination of pay for mandatory Ethics training;

o   Reduction in pay for unit members in “hard-to-fill” positions that lose their designation.

o   The legal right to bargain over new CCC evaluation policy.

Lots of Chances to Hear About CCC’s Offer to Adjuncts! Here are some meeting dates…

Sept. 12: Angel’s Restaurant (230 S. Ashland Ave.) from 10AM-Noon.
        (Brunch will be provided by CCCLOC)
Sept. 18: Angel’s Restaurant (230 S. Ashland Ave.) from 4-6PM.
        (Refreshments will be provided by CCCLOC)
Sept. 19: Beverly  Woods Restaurant (11532 S. Western Ave.) from 11-1PM.
        (Lunch will be provided by CCCLOC)
Meet with your fellow Adjuncts, hear the offer, HAVE YOUR QUESTIONS ANSWERED!

Voting Dates and Upcoming Contract Meetings!

YOU have the opportunity to VOTE on City College’s contract offer to Adjuncts! Each campus will have dates when CCCLOC Members can cast ballots! Here are the dates for contract voting:
Sept. 28-29 – Truman and Olive Harvey
Sept. 30-Oct. 1 – Wright
Oct. 5-6 – Malcolm X and Harold Washington
Oct. 7-8 – Daley and Kennedy-King
**Times and locations on each campus will be announced once rooms have been confirmed!
Still haven’t heard the offer yet?? Here are three opportunities to hear City College’s proposal and have your questions answered:
Sept. 12: Angel’s Restaurant (230 S. Ashland Ave.) from 10AM-Noon.
        (Brunch will be provided by CCCLOC)
Sept. 18: Angel’s Restaurant (230 S. Ashland Ave.) from 4-6PM.
        (Refreshments will be provided by CCCLOC)
Sept. 19: Beverly  Woods Restaurant (11532 S. Western Ave.) from 11-1PM.
        (Lunch will be provided by CCCLOC)
Don’t miss this opportunity to have YOUR SAY over YOUR working conditions!