On Wednesday, July 29th, the Chicago City Council is expected to confirm four new mayoral appointments for the City Colleges’ Board of Trustees.

After three years of fruitless negotiations, part-time faculty and librarians at City Colleges of Chicago will rally outside City Hall to urge the new trustees and the Emanuel administration to agree to a fair contract this upcoming fall semester. The protest will be held between 7 AM – 10 AM prior to the July 29th City Council meeting.

65% of classes at City Colleges are now taught by part-time adjunct faculty. They teach the same courses and are required to obtain the same degrees as full-time faculty. Yet most earn under the Federal Poverty Level (FPL) and their pro-rated salary is 48% less than what full-time faculty earn. Adjuncts receive essentially no benefits. Chicago taxpayers are forced to pick up the financial costs for the estimated 1/4 of part-time faculty who receive governmental assistance. An adjunct typically earns 30% less than what City Colleges’ claims is its target salary for graduating students.

City Colleges’ claim that the students come first is challenged by the District’s treatment of adjunct faculty. CCC adjuncts will no longer accept poverty level wages! Time for a FAIR CONTRACT!


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