Contracts and Forms

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Dear Members, you will find our contingent form, union contract and grievance forms in this section.  To see more forms, click the “Contracts and Forms” at the top.

Negotiations Scheduled!

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On Tuesday March 24, CCCLOC leadership will meet with City College reps to negotiate a new contract. After nearly 1000 days without a contract and more than five months without a meeting, we will finally have to opportunity to move forward for:

  • Pay equity
  • Paid office hours
  • Paid prep time
  • Improved grievance rights
  • And much much more!

We’re fighting for BETTER WORKING CONDITIONS! We’re fighting for EQUAL OPPORTUNITY for our students! Please wear RED on March 24 to show your support!


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TO: Chicago City Colleges’ Part-time Instructors and Librarian Local (CCCLOC)

February 25, 2015 has been designated as National Adjunct Walk Out Day,

GIVEN THE UNION’S NO-STRIKE COMMITMENT, CCCLOC’s President, Loretta A. Ragsdell, is asking her members, in lieu of walking out, to SHOW THEIR SUPPORT FOR ADJUNCTS by SPEAKING OUT and SHARING the plight and working conditions of CCC’s part-time faculty and librarians WITH STUDENTS AND CAMPUS STAFF AND FACULTY.

“Tell them about how many colleges you travel to in a day trying to earn a living wage,” Ragsdell said. “Tell your truth about all the uncompensated extra hours you spend in service to your students. Tell your truth about your educational credentials and self-sponsored professional development. Tell your truth to your students, the staff, the full timers, and other adjuncts—tell it to everyone and anyone within listening range,” Ragsdell added.

CCCLOC is currently in stalled negotiations with Chicago’s District 508 Board of Trustees’ negotiation team. The mayor-appointed board governs the operations of seven accredited colleges and satellites throughout Chicago.

“We are entering our third year of negotiations, and we are light years apart in reaching an agreement,” Ragsdell said.  “Even though we teach 70% of the credit classes, our members are among the lowest paid adjuncts throughout Illinois’ community college systems, and City Colleges is one of the nation’s largest community school systems!” Ragsdell added.

Ragsdell said negotiations have stalled because District 508 has proposed AN AVERAGE OF 1.5% PER YEAR pay increase over a FIVE-year period, which for most adjuncts will amount to a little more than a daily cup of coffee.  “Currently, CCCLOC’s adjuncts are paid approximately 48% less than full timers for teaching the same credit courses. Adjuncts also provide many of the same student services as the full time faculty, but without compensation,” Ragsdell said.

We are calling for A DAY OF SPEAKING-OUT AND TEACHING-IN because I know our adjuncts genuinely love the work they do.

And we want to stand in solidarity with adjuncts across the nation, sharing our plight with those who will listen,” Ragsdell added.