Contracts and Forms

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Dear Members, you will find our contingent form, union contract and grievance forms in this section.  To see more forms, click the “Contracts and Forms” at the top.

Dues/Fair Share Fee Information for 2012-13

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CCCLOC Member Dues & Fair Share Fees Deductions for Fall 2012

Please note the breakout and deduction schedule printed in the table below. While the aggregate amount is the same as for Fall 20121 , the paycheck deductions are different.

Because adjuncts’ assignments and paychecks follow different patterns, historically, paycheck deductions have not always captured the full amount of dues.  We have expended considerable time and effort to work out a mutually beneficial arrangement with CCC HR that ensures full deductions. Thus, dues deductions (for those who have signed and filed membership forms) and fair share fee deductions (for those in the bargaining unit but who have not joined the union by signing membership forms) will be deducted from each adjunct’s 2nd and 3rd checks of the semester (whether they commence teaching week 1 or week 4).

CCCLOC Dues/Fair Share Fees Deductions Fall 2012-2013

Fair Share Fee
CCCLOC/IEA/NEA aggregate deduction
Second check*
Third check*

*Deductions come from your 2nd and 3rd paycheck.



Hello world!

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Hello CCCLOC members.  This is our new space on the WordPress platform.  On this space you will find contracts and forms, calendars, news,  officer’s roll (top) and all things union related through the All Union News link. Checkout the calendar  (click Calendar at the top) for the latest meeting, event  and congregational news.
 To view all announcements related to the union, click the Archives button below. News articles about community colleges nationwide and discussions are at the group site (search: CCCLOC).  Subscribe to this site and automatically receive updates.  See videos and pictures from our meetings. Subscribe to this site and automatically receive updates.  Note: wherever you see “read more” button, please click and read more of the entry.


Welcome to the year 2014!
We hope that you enjoyed your break and are looking forward to the new semester.
There are several new happenings to discuss.  First of all, our contract expired on June 30, 2012 but we are in negotiations with the City Colleges bargaining team for a new contract.  It’s too early to tell how the negotiations will go, but we imagine it will be a long process.  We plan to provide CCCLOC membership with periodic updates.  In the meanwhile, the expired contract will remain in effect with all its provisions until the new contract has been ratified by both parties. (This means that there might not be wage increases for this semester.)  We bring to the table various proposals on behalf of our members, so we want to hear from you… What is it that you want to see or change in our contract?  We are also in need of members to help support the bargaining team, so contact any officer if you want to help.
Secondly, due to escalating costs of our parent organizations, the IEA and the NEA, you will see an increase in your dues.  Your local CCCLOC dues will still remain the same and have not been increased.  The dues are divided over two semesters, and each semester, the dues are deducted from your second and third paychecks.  Please consult the Dues Information page in this website and the IEA and NEA websites to find out more.
Lastly, look at the Calendar for our Executive Committee and General Meetings dates.
Last semester, as your president, I traveled to each college and several other satellite locations to meet with CCCLOC members and the college administration.  I plan to do this again, so please try to meet with me when I make it to your college.  We have much work to do and I want to hear from as many of you as possible.  I wish you a productive and enjoyable semester… do your best for our students!
Yours in Solidarity,
Loretta Ragsdale
President, CCCLOC
and the CCCLOC officers and representatives